Commercial Real Estate & Business Consulting

When you need commercial real estate experience, diligent research, and unbiased analysis, contact Concrete & Cotton.  As trusted and experienced consultants, we advise our clients on the financial feasibility and economics of acquisitions, dispositions, and management of properties.  Additionally, we provide advice for businesses, negotiations, and deal structure.

Trust & Diligence

Unwavering trust is an essential quality in an advisor, and the professionals at Concrete & Cotton establish it with every client.  Our consultants will work hard to fulfill your needs promptly and if they tell you they'll do something - you can count on it.

Goal-Oriented Consultations

Real estate investing can be complicated.  Every deal is different and each opportunity has its pros and cons that need to be weighed carefully against the alternatives.

That's why it's vital to align every engagement with specific client goals.

How Our Real Estate Consultants Can Help You

The Team at Concrete & Cotton is agile and extremely responsive so we can meet our clients' needs quickly.  Here is a partial list of the services we provide:

Evaluating Investment Opportunities With Due Diligence

From apartment buildings and retail establishments to business for sale that include property, our team offers investors and business owners valuable insight.  Our real estate experience gives us a broad understanding of the interaction between asset valuation and the ever-changing commercial real estate landscape.

We use our extensive market experience, emerging technology, and advanced analytic tools to provide our clients with timely and accurate valuations and information.

The team at Concrete & Cotton assists clients in identifying the most suitable investment opportunities in the marketplace.  Our analyses include, but are not limited to:

Connecting Buyers & Sellers

Our team has strong connections both locally and nationally enabling us to bring together buyers, sellers, investors, and tenants.  We work to structure deals for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Here are examples of some common situations we can assist in:

No two real estate scenarios are the same and most are complex.  Concrete & Cotton's advisors can assist you in turning complicated real estate matters into possibilities for growth.  Our real estate experience gives us a full understanding of the ever-changing market.  No matter how involved your business or real estate questions are, we can provide the needed research and answers to help move you forward.  Contact us today!

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