Residential Real Estate Development

Concrete & Cotton Homes is a residential real estate redevelopment firm operating in the greater Chicago area and the Florida Gulf Coast. We are a team of highly-trained professionals dedicated to finding, rehabbing, and selling residential one to four-unit single-family properties. Read on to find out how we operate and what it’s like to work with us.

What We Do

As redevelopers and entrepreneurs, we pride ourselves on acquiring properties below market-value with a plan to profitably exit.  We evaluate each property against the opportunity to renovate the home, thereby increasing the value of the property, and ultimately sell to a retail home buyer; the economics of holding the property in our portfolio as a rental in our own portfolio; and even against opportunities to wholesale the property to other investors.

As an established local business, we have tight ties to the community and believe in strong networking as well as consistent and effective marketing.  Because of our aggressive and continual search for properties, we're able to find homes with excellent potential at below market value to purchase.

Who We Work With

As real estate developers, we're involved in all aspects of a project.  From locating a property to purchasing, rehabbing, and selling or holding.

That means we know how to successfully interact with and incentivize:


When working with sellers, the first thing we do is talk to them to understand their situation so we can come up with the best solution.  Sometimes a property owner needs to sell fast.  They don't have the time or desire to prepare a house for listing, have strangers go through the property during showings or open houses, wait for offers and negotiate each deal point, and ultimately wait for the buyer to be able to close.  Sometimes a homeowner needs time to get their affairs in order for a more complicated move.  They want assurance as to what their financial situation will be upon the move and having a contract with a closing date further in the future is desirable.  In either case, we can help!

We are cash buyers that close on the seller's timeline - fast or slow - and take the time to listen so that each deal is tailored to the situation at hand.


We work closely with our network of investors to find deals that meet their investment criteria.  That could be a specific financial return, type or condition of property, or even investment strategy.  Since we have such a strong pipeline of deals priced below market value, we keep our investors and our team safe if the market were to take a turn against us.


The properties we purchase and upgrade are move-in ready when complete.  Our homes are high quality and include safety improvements and interior and exterior renovations.  We typically sell our renovated properties to individual or retail buyers who are purchasing a home to live in themselves.


As part of our team, we're always looking for excellent contractors who do quality work on-schedule and that we can trust.  In return, we pay on-time and offer bonuses based on agreed upon milestones.  We take pride in knowing that when a house sells, it's in top-quality condition.


As buyers ourselves, we prioritize long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with private lenders, hard money lenders, and individuals to fund our projects.  As a company, we're creditworthy, keep impeccable financial records, and are easy to work with.


Lawyers strive to provide the best experience for their clients.  Since we evaluate opportunity beyond just the selling price, we understand what is truly important to each of your clients.  This flexibility allows us to offer solutions to lawyers and clients that otherwise might go unconsidered - whether you're a real estate attorney with a client seeking a complex deal structure, an estate attorney working with heirs looking for a smooth disposition of an estate, a bankruptcy attorney searching for an alternative option for their client or your're an attorney doing a favor for a friend.  Contact Concrete & Cotton Homes and have confidence knowing that every option available is being evaluated for your client's best outcome.  We can close on your client's timeline and happily refer business to our partners.

Real Estate Agents & REALTORS®

We're happy to work with and fully cooperate with other agents when buying or selling properties.  Agents we partner with benefit from lead referrals that don't meet our investment criteria.  We don't cut agents out of a deal.  We've built strong relationships with real estate agents all over and work together in a way that's advantageous to us all.

Our Process

We have a process to handle everything from beginning to end including:

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