With Our Help - You Will Find Your New Home

When you're thinking about buying a home, one of the most critical choices to make is who you select as your REALTOR®.  Finding the right agent will make the entire process (from looking at homes to closing) much smoother and more enjoyable.  Read on to see how Concrete & Cotton Realty is different and what you can expect when you work with us.

Advantages of a Boutique Firm

First of all, we are a small, locally-owned firm offering personalized one-on-one service.  We're not a huge national company with hundreds of clients where buyers can get lost or not be top-priority.  Each of our clients is important to us.

Trust is Essential

One of the things that drive our company is trust.  We work hard to ensure our clients know when we say we'll do something, we do it.  From picking up the phone to responding to a text quickly, our clients can tell from our actions that they can rely on us.

Data vs. Emotion

When you're shopping for a home, there can be a lot of excitement and opinions involved.  Everyone has their point of view.  As your REALTOR®, we look at all the data and utilize as much information as possible to give you a more enjoyable and profitable buying experience.  For example, we stay current on macro-level real estate data and trends like:

But we also watch localized data and patterns that can impact a client's buying and selling power.  For example, in the different neighborhoods and areas we consider:

With that data, we counsel you so you can make the best decision for you and your family.  Buying real estate is a substantial investment, and it's vital to look at the facts rather than making decisions on emotion alone.

For example, as advocates for our clients, we analyze each property to see:

The bottom line is even though you're purchasing a home, you're also investing in real estate.  We give you the facts and help you decide on buying a property based on real data and not emotions.

Fast Communication

When you work with us, you'll be delighted with the speed of our communication.  If you have a question, you get it answered quickly.  We're available via phone, text, and email - whichever you prefer.  We want you to know that we're very experienced in working with first-time home buyers and understand they have lots of questions.  Make sure to ask us any questions you have; we're always patient and willing to answer them.


All of our staff use technology to streamline the home buying process.  From finding properties as soon as they come on the market to making offers and signing documents.  Our office is set up so you can do everything from your phone or computer easily.

Off-Market Listings

Because we have strong ties within the community, we know about home for sale that aren't on the MLS.  These "private listings" are sometimes called pocket listings.  Occasionally, a person wants to sell their home privately without the entire neighborhood knowing that it's for sale.  Because of our tight community connections, we get quite a few private listings in our office and share them with our buyers first.  These listings are highly desirable, especially in hot markets or popular neighborhoods.  Sometimes you can buy your dream home before the next-door neighbor even knows it's for sale.

Negotiating Skills

If you had to choose one essential skill for your real estate agent, it would be negotiating.  As buyers, when you find a home you love that's overpriced, it's vital to have a REALTOR® who can negotiate, keep the deal moving along, and bring it to a big win for all involved.  That skill is also crucial once the home is in escrow and especially during the inspection stage.  For example, if the home inspector or appraiser finds:

The buyer, seller, and both agents will all need to come together and negotiate who fixes and/or pays for what and if the sale price or other contract terms need to change.  Our top priority is always our client's best interests.

Personalized Shopping

We show our buyers the type of homes they're specifically interested in and that fit into their budget.

We never push our clients to overextend themselves and buy a house they can't afford.

Whether you're looking for a starter home or a large family estate, we'll find it for you, negotiate firmly, and close the deal.

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